Lockers for groceries are the latest trend. Refrigerated lockers for click & collect: buy online, collect offline. With a cool lockers pick-up station, your shop is open round the clock - 24/7.

Drag a locker column type to the desired position in the locker system in the "Current Configuration" section.

12-locker column Type S

6-locker column Type XL

8-locker column Type L

8-locker column combination Type XL/S

10-locker column Type M

10-locker column combination Type L/S

12-locker column Type M Vertical
Your configuration
  • Use a descriptive name for your locker system.

  • If you wish more than one temperature zone within one locker system, please describe this in the message. The selected temperature zone is always applied to one whole module.

  • Dimensions
    (incl. user station)
  • Number of lockers:

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Drag the column here to discard